Spotzone wants to turn all your photo alive, not live photos. But 3D animated photo.

MindCoord, a Boston-based deep-tech startup with technology for Augmented Reality and 3D rendering, has launched a new application called Artor. An AR-based APP featuring creative Interactive content creation and sharing.

I got a chance to try a pre-production app as a beta user which I’m told is very close to the final version. The app is pretty simple to use. It allows you to select a photo from your photo library or to take one directly from the APP. After you choose the photo, it takes only a few seconds of waiting before it turns your picture into an animated avatar.

Artor is powered by MindCoord developed 3D engine. It is the first AIGC powered 3D engine that runs on a mobile device, providing such experience, which MindCoord researched, developed, and trained using 1 million images. It will give you a way to turn any human photo into a fully rigged avatar 3D model. The mobile engine takes less than 5 seconds to process and animated the avatar. After all, it allows you to add animation, edit poses, and project your 3D photo through the augmented reality camera.

Interestingly, although the model looks like a photo. It is a fully rigged 3D model, acting and walking in the 3D space freely. And it is expected that the Boston company will bring more functions in the upcoming versions, such as 3D modeling, scanning, editing, and interactive.

Artor supports all ios and iPad devices.

MindCoord is a technology company using computer vision, cloud computing, blockchain, and augmented reality to promote creative content production and sharing.

They build global platforms of 3D creation and interaction. MindCoord’s platform aims to help digital content creators and users explore and discover the world’s creativity and moments that matter in everyday life. On a mission to “Enrich Metaverse with Creativity”. Virtual Interactive Reality and Metaverse connectivity will user in the dawn of a new era, where the digital content becomes reachable to everyone. The APP “Artor” is the first APP that integrates metaverse elements: all the key resources in metaverse — 3D models, avatars, land, scenes, artworks, challenges and interactive reality tech, experience scenes, and structures. In earlier this year, they join the NFT market and launched a creative NFT collection called WOLCANO, trying to use NFT to solve the digital copyrights and metaverse collaboration work tracing.

MindCoord found in 2019 Boston MA. Today, the Boston company has offices in 2 countries and 50+ employees from over 5 countries, working remotely to build their metaverse. The Best Pixel Place Let’s build the world’s largest and most participated Art together! Draw, Commute and Play to break World Rec