【Competition】Who is the best Waifu contest! Result Announcement

The contest has finally come to an end, we would like to thank everyone for the nomination and voting, your participation is the key of the event’s success. We have received 342 votes in total, we really appreciate it!

We have 7 participants based on the nomination rule ( a drawing on the canvas in Wolcano Lab), they are:

SONA (League of Legends)

SONA (League of Legends)

BEI DOU (Genshin Impact)

REM (Re:Zero)

KANNA KAMUI (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

TOMOE MAMI (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

MISAKA MIKOTO (A Certain Magical Index)

Here comes the most exciting part, after a stiff competition in a week, we have our winners! The second runner-up goes to Sona from League of Legends.

The First Runner-up is Rem form Re:Zero

You might curious who won the champion, she is…. (Drrrrruuuummmmmmm)

Congratulations to Misaka Mikoto from A Certain Magical Index!

For the winner of the competition, we would change our cover photo in social media to her banner. Be prepared!

This is the data of final result!

The event has come to an end, but we are looking forward to the 2nd contest, it will be more interesting since characters in our canvas has been increased. STAY TUNED!

Finally, we really appreciate your participance and Wolcano Lab will always open if you want to draw anything! Draw, commute and play to break the world record 2021!

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