【Event】2021 Doraemon Birthday: What’s your favourite gadget?

Do you still remember the machine cat in your childhood? What’s your favourite gadget inside his four-dimentional pocket? Anywhere door? Time machine? or copying toast?

Doraemon is now celebrating his birthday on 3rd September, and we are preparing a present! We are presenting an art work, while we need your help to finish it. Come and join us now!


● Go to the website https://wolcano.co , draw your favourite gadget in the anywhere door, that’s all!

● We also wish to create a giant rainbow Doraemon as the picture below!

● If you want to draw something else, anything related to doraemon is welcomed.

● We would frame the final artwork and send to Doraemon as his birthday present :)






● You can refer to online pictures if you don’t know how to draw the gadget.

● Invite your friends to participate if you are drawing slow.

DISCLAIMER: Please follow the Terms and Conditions of Wolcano.co durig the event. If you have any question, you are welcomed to contact us on Twitter (@wolcanolab).

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