【Event】Primogems Giveaway : Draw Genshin Impact to win free Primogems

We would like to appreciate everyone for supporting Wolcano Lab for the whole time. As a giveback, we’ve decided to have a Primogems Giveaway! We are giving away 3 Blessing of the welkin moon to Wolcano users. Follow the guidelines below and stay a chance to win!

Date: 27 September — 8 October

Venue: Wolcano Lab https://wolcano.co

Rewards: 3x Blessing of the welkin moon (3000 Primogems in total)

How to participate:

STEP 1 Register at Wolcano Lab(https://wolcano.co)

STEP 2 Draw on Wolcano and get a Wolcano challenger proof

STEP 3 Create a post on twitter, including ALL below:

- Screenshot of artwork

- Picture of Wolcano Challenger proof (Obtainable through “me” on the top right corner of Wolcano website)

- Caption including Primogems Giveaway by Wolcano, the best pixel place!

- Mention Wolcano twitter account (@wolcanolab)

STEP 4 Wait for the result on 11 October! (The result would be sent through the registration e-mail of Wolcano)

DISCLAIMER: Please follow the Terms and Conditions of Wolcano.co durig the event. If you have any question, you are welcomed to contact us on Twitter (@wolcanolab).

Wolcano would have other event in the future, please be concern! Wolcano Lab is on the road to the best pixel place, Follow us for more interesting contents and events.

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