Introducing WOLCANO, the best pixel place. Let’s Break the World Record together

For many of our digital artists have always dreamed to have a traceable system to protect their work. Licensing intellectual property rights can be a complicated business for both creators and platforms. From the advent of the internet, digital commodities and technologies have ceaselessly presented new hurdles for intellectual property (IP) owners and protectors. The cycle of copyright law trying, and generally failing, to adapt and keep pace with emerging technology has meant copyright stakeholders have been always at a disadvantage because legal enforcement lagged so far behind innovative infringement. But during a year in which vast swaths of life moved online, the technology has forged and driven to prominence a powerful new tool for protecting copyright owners’ unique assets: the non-fungible token (NFT).

We believe NFT is the powerful solution to digital copyrights and metaverse collaboration work tracing.

What is WOLCANO? Sounds like volcano right?

As the first, We’re excited to announce that our collaborative project entitled “ONE canvas challenge”!

Metaverse Pixel Place : ONE Canvas Challenge.

The project is inspired by the /r/place held by Reddit in 2017. You can create a digital artwork online with friends or even with strangers.

Our goal

Our GOAL is to break the Guinness World Record, gathering 100k participants, challenging the record of one single piece of art which completed by most co-creators from the world. We also aim to be the best pixel place!

Features of this project

· You can collaborate with people all over the world and break the limitations of time and space.

· You can strengthen your ties with the communities you are interested in.

· The final artwork would be auctioned and the money would be distributed to participants.

What are the rules?

– Others’ pixels can be covered

– yeah, that’s it. Simple!

– Stay Tuned for more rules and gamification features…

Challenge Certificate & Ranking

It should also be noted that each participant represents their own region. Let’s strive for your region.

World Ranking
Challenger Proof

Who Made Wolcano?

MindCoord maintains close partnerships with MIT, Boston University, and Harbin Institute of Technology school of Engineering to explore the latest technologies in virtual reality experience. At present, MindCoord is developing cross-platform virtual reality streaming media social products, bringing NFT technology into the transaction process of virtual content sharing to solve the copyright protection of virtual art, and release the potential of digital art creation and popularization.

Let’s create the history of digital art and metaverse!

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