【Update】What’s going on our canvas? An update about our canvas contents

It’s been a long time we haven’t written a blog about our canvas, while we were gone, the canvas is getting merrier. Let’s check out what is going on here!

First, let’s watch how our canvas has been changing all the time!

The most noteworthy would be the Pokemon area, look at those pokemon, I guess this canvas would become a Pokedex in one day!

We also found many Nintendo characters(OWHH some SEGA characters joined), I guess that Nintendo is having a long history under pixel art HUH.

Here comes Beidou from Genshin Impact! But what’s going on with that color?

We have some new guests from League of Legends this week! I believe that there would be more of them coming soon.

A grand welcome to our ONEE-sama! The Biribiri! Misaka Mikoto! Please electrify us!

These are trailers for our canvas, if you would like to check out more or add something else, please do visit our homepage!

number of US users are catching up on China users! Dear US users invite your friends to surpass China! Lebanon users are also catching up, keep going!

It’s a big improvement since we started our project with no user, we hope that everyone can invite your friends to simply draw something on our canvas, we would be much appreciated for that!

By the way, be prepared! There’s an upcoming event happening our canvas!

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