【Update】Wolcano Lab’s road to the best pixel place

Do you still remember Wolcano Lab’s last updating blog? Since then, our canvas has welcomed a lot of new members. We’re on a road to the best pixel place!

Wolcano in August
Wolcano in September

Let’s figure out what have been added to the pixel place.

Our Pokemon area has been expanding, with a lot of Pokemons from generation 4 and onwards!

Doraemon lovers are excited to an anywhere door on Wolcano! But it’s empty inside, anyone wants to add something?

We’ve also received some support from influencers, we would like to appreciate them!

Let’s guess how many among us are there in the pixel place!

TIPS: try to find in different colors

Some KPOP fans even join our artwork, this means that we’re getting FAMOUS!

If you would like to check out more or add something else, please do visit our homepage (https://wolcano.co), Wolcano would always be the best pixel place!

Wolcano Lab is an international website which has users from all over the world, invite your friends to get a higher ranking!

We are working hard to be the best pixel place and break the world record. Furthermore, we’re importing new rules to improve your experience. Stay tuned with us!

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